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Dr. Kyle with patient

Rahway Chiropractor for Wellness Care

Feel Great at The Source Wellness Center

Rahway Chiropractor Dr. Kyle Bilquist offers patients effective pain relief and wellness care, particularly in the areas of athletic injury. The Source Wellness Center has a focus on diagnostic excellence. Each treatment protocol is in alignment with your unique diagnosis. Our team approach helps our patients to get out of pain and back in the game quickly and efficiently.

Doctor adjusting patient's leg

Experience Counts

Dr. Kyle has been a lifelong athlete and is very familiar with the downside of the love of sports! He’s passionate about helping men and women excel in their sport of choice. He’s also compassionate about injury, particularly when it affects quality of life.

Through his unique soft-tissue chiropractic approach, he’s helped hundreds of people eliminate their pain. With us, you can regain range of motion, and rid yourself of muscle adhesions that limit possibilities.

He can do the same for you.