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Meet Dr. Kyle Bilquist

Chiropractor Rahway, Dr. Kyle BilquistSince 2014, Dr. Kyle Bilquist has delivered a unique brand of chiropractic care to a specific segment of the population: area athletes. From body-builders and weekend warriors to golfers and tennis enthusiasts, we have the tools to help. Dr. Kyle has the experience, skill and expertise to handle even the most difficult cases. At The Source Wellness Center we offer our patients an extensive array of therapies to reduce their pain and improve their game.

Fate and a Football Injury

When Dr. Kyle was 15, he suffered from a back injury while playing high school football. The pain was severe, and it was difficult for him to function. He was told that he needed back surgery.

“Luckily for me, my mother balked at that suggestion. Instead she took me to see a chiropractor. Two weeks later my back felt fine and I was back on the playing field.” This experience was life-changing for Dr. Kyle and that’s when the first seeds were planted as to his future life’s work.

A Palmer Graduate

Dr. Kyle received his Doctor of Chiropractic degree from the prestigious Palmer College of Chiropractic in Davenport, Iowa. Because of his deep love for sports, he was very drawn to helping men and women with athletic injuries, just as he had been helped years before.

His interest developed into a passion, and has made him the “go-to” doctor in Rahway for anyone suffering from either acute injury or dealing with the effects of previous athletic trauma.

Get to Know Dr. Kyle

Dr. Kyle is an athlete…and loves his fellow athletes. It’s in his blood and probably always will be!

When he attended Palmer College, he was the captain of the Palmer Rugby team and was voted the 2012 seasonal MVP.

He went to Delaware Valley University and was a 3 time NCAA All-American.

In his previous practice, he worked closely with body-builders at Apollen Gym in Edison, N.J. and Rutgers Athletic Center in Piscataway.

His passion has led him to take extensive postgraduate work in Manual Adhesion Release Technique (MAR), as well as Instrumentation Adhesion Release Technique (IAR). These unique and state-of-the-art aspects of chiropractic care are particularly useful for athletes with either acute or chronic injury.

Outside the Office

When Dr. Kyle isn’t busy helping his patients, he enjoys spending time with his wife, who is also a chiropractor. He still loves to play rugby and enjoys living a healthy lifestyle.

For your convenience, we offer same-day appointments, Saturday bookings and late hours. We’d love to welcome you to our close- knit community of chiropractic patients. Contact us today for a convenient appointment!

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